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Electroless NickelThe Electroless Nickel plated deposit characteristically offers a bright, hard, corrosion and wear resistant coating with a highly uniform thickness which is not achievable with electrolytic plating. The process is particularly well suited for the coating of complex shapes with tight engineering tolerances. Our process is a modern medium phosphorous, Lead & Cadmium free process which is fully compliant for ELV, RoHS and WEEE purposes.

For certain applications a High Phosphorous Nickel may be specified, this deposit is non-magnetic, and gives maximum corrosion resistance and is typically used in the oil industry.  Low Phosphorous Nickel processes give harder deposits as plated with greater ductility and may be required for improved solderability in electronics.

Typical specifications:


BS EN ISO 4527 MIL-C-26704

Electroless NickelElectroless Nickel

We also offer: Alocrom, Anodising, Copper, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Nickel, Passivate, Silver, Tin and Zinc finishes.