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Bright Acid Tin, Tin/Lead and Matt TinWe provide three different processes of Tin plating: Bright Acid Tin, Tin/Lead and Matt Tin:

a) Bright Acid Tin

Bright Acid Tin Plating produces a non toxic, bright, clean electroplated Tin deposit which has applications in the electrical and electronics industry. It has a low melting point at 232 degrees centigrade and is used as an aid for soldering processes or for enhanced corrosion resistance. There are other uses in the food processing industry such as for canning and for food handling equipment and it may also be used to prevent galling or seizure of components.

Typical specifications:

ASTM B545 BS 1872

DEF STAN 03-8 DIN 50965

DTD 924 MIL-T-10727

Bright Acid Tin, Tin/Lead and Matt TinBright Acid Tin, Tin/Lead and Matt Tin

Bright Acid Tin, Tin/Lead and Matt Tinb) Tin / Lead

Tin/Lead with its low melting point and good flow characteristics has been widely used by the electronics industry for solderability purposes on connectors, contacts and printed circuit boards. With recent legislation restricting the use of Lead such as the RoHS, ELV and WEEE legislation it has become much less popular. There are certain applications where it continues to be desirable so we offer a 90/10 Tin/Lead process in preference to the traditional 60/40 process.

Typical specifications:

AMS-P-81728BS 6137 DEF STAN 03-15

c) Matt/ Dull Tin

Matt Tin is an un-brightened Tin process that is less appealing on the eye which has been developed as a functional coating for flow solder applications when the presence of Lead is not acceptable or where there is a perceived risk of Tin whisker formation. It is also used in circuit board manufacture as an etch resist. The Matt Tin deposit is better in long term storage than Bright Acid Tin or Tin/Lead due to the absence of organic brighteners.


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