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X-Ray fluorescenceAt PTP we do not take quality for granted, our inspection team work hand in hand with the Production department and our Laboratory. A variety of inspection, analysis, testing and monitoring techniques are employed to ensure we maintain the highest standards. We carry out non-destructive testing of coating thickness, to achieve this we use X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) and Isoscope instruments.

We always aim to manage quality in a positive and proactive way providing feedback and advice to our customers. Our Quality Management System is certificated to BS EN ISO 9001.

X-Ray Fluorescence:

X-Ray fluorescence (XRF) is a technique widely used for the assessment of electronic components. A high-energy beam of incident X-rays is directed onto the coated object in question using a precision collimator. The incident X-ray beam produces photons (or fluorescence) at a characteristic energy level. The intensity of the signal at a given energy level is proportional to the thickness of the deposited element and with the use of standards, the coating thickness can be determined.

Quality assuranceQuality assured

Click here to download our Quality Management System certificate of registration ISO9001:2000Click here to download our certificate of registration for Quality Management System ISO9001 BSI & UKAS Quality Management